Rye Tavern




Sprouts  12

crispy Brussel sprouts, toasted pine nuts, pickled cranberries, balsamic reduction, chevre crema


Chowder  12

creamy clam chowder, mashed potatoes, bacon, crispy fried clams


Shrimp Cocktail  3.25 ea.

 jumbo wild-caught shrimp, house cocktail sauce, lemon


Charcuterie Board  20

rotating assortment of fresh meats and cheeses,

seasonal accompaniments, house-made lavash crackers 


Ribs  14

coffee rubbed smoked pork ribs, crispy shallot mole crumble,

green onions


Butternut Hummus  11

house-made pita crackers, pomegranate seeds, toasted pepitas 


Tacos  14

smoked pulled pork, apple cranberry salsa, cotija cheese, yuzu chili aioli


Mussels  15

Modelo, butter, garlic, chorizo, kale, shallots, cilantro,

grilled bread


Patatas Bravas  12

crispy potatoes, spicy tomato sauce, roasted garlic aioli, parsley


Chickpea Fritter  12

beet tzatziki, shaved cucumber & radish, pomegranate seeds,

mint, parsley 

Ribs 14

coffee rubbed smoked pork ribs, crispy shallot mole crumble,     green onions

Roasted Oyster 15

island creek oysters, smoked tomato butter, sweet soppressata crumble, manchengo cheese




Caesar Salad  12

local romaine lettuce, garlic sourdough croutons, house Caesar dressing, shaved parmesan


Beet & Burrata  17

local beets, charred Maplebrook burrata, arugula, toasted pistachio vinaigrette, balsamic mustard seeds


Kale & Squash  14

baby kale, tempura butternut, candied miso cashews, turmeric lime yogurt, shaved radish, cilantro


Pear & Coppa Panzanella  15 

Asian pears, coppa, arugula, shaved radish, focaccia crouton, sherry vinaigrette, house ricotta, Queen Bee Honey




Filet Mignon  38

seared beef tenderloin, butternut squash & potato puree, roasted mushroom gremolata, beet crisps, foie gras compound butter 


Scallops  30

celeriac puree, roasted carrots, toasted pepitas, pomegranate seeds, dehydrated orange 


Smoked Half Chicken  25

fried cheddar mac & cheese fritter, braised greens, house slaw, cranberry chili glaze


Salmon  26

warm roasted carrot & farro salad, whipped dill chevre, apricots, pistachios, cranberry chutney


Short Rib  26

braised short rib, Plimoth Grist Mill pimento cheese grits,   haricot verts, parsnip crisps


Wild Boar Ragu  23

ground wild boar, San Marzano tomatoes, egg pappardelle,       torched house ricotta, basil


Mushroom Bucatini  20

Mushrooms, balsamic, spinach, toasted pine nuts, shaved parmesan


Tavern Burger  19

locally-sourced ground beef, bacon onion jam, house-made pickles, butter lettuce, vine ripe tomatoes,Cabot cheddar, brioche bun, truffle fries


Tavern Reuben  18

Josh’s corned beef, Jill’s red cabbage kraut, Kate’s marble rye bread, Drew’s thousand island sauce,Swiss cheese, truffle fries





Brulee  13

orange red wine curd, molasses honey crisp apples, fresh stone fruit, sweet meringue, almond butter crumble


Cookie Sundae  13

vanilla ice cream, coffee chocolate sauce, tahini caramel crunch, ginger mochi, chocolate crunch cookie


Berry Cheesecake  13

poppy pumpkin brittle, candied cranberries, nutmeg-turmeric sponge cake


Poached Pears  13

Rosé vermouth poached pears, popped spiced wheat berries, orange blossom diplomat cream, strawberry jam


Mudslide  13

Irish cream pot de crème, coffee liqueur French madeleine, vanilla vodka sponge cake, sesame chocolate soil, orange segments


Cremeux  13

salted caramel cremeux, concord grape blood orange curd, smoked plums, toasted marshmallows,                 crunchy cashews


After Dinner Cocktails

Espresso Martini  12

fresh espresso, vanilla vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s


Tavern Café  11

Amaretto Di Saronno, Frangelico, Bailey’s, coffee


Gentleman’s Coffee  11

Jameson Irish Whiskey, brandy, coffee


Hot Toddy  10

whiskey, honey, lemon, clove



Created by Rye Tavern Chefs Joshua Todisco, Jillian Rivers,       Katelin Gellar, and Drew Garneau